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Aid worker’s confusion as new quake hits Turkey

A Birmingham aid worker helping with relief efforts in Turkey following the earthquake of 6 February says another quake has made his next move uncertain.

Shaheedur Rahman, from Midlands-based Global Relief Trust, was 70 miles from the epicentre of the latest incident.

He said he was planning to leave Turkey for Syria, also hit on 6 February, when more chaos came to the region.

He described how a car he was in jutted when Monday’s quake struck, making him think he had “gone over a hump”.

Fatalities and hundreds of injuries have been reported following the 6.4-magnitude quake in Antakya near the border with Syria.

The earlier event of 6 February – 7.8 in magnitude – killed more than 44,000 people.

It is unclear what comes next for the charity after plans to move on to Syria on Tuesday were interrupted.

“It has completely messed up our plans, we don’t know where we are or what is going to happen,” Mr Rahman said.

However, Mr Rahman said his team was “very strong”.

Source : BBC