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Moroccan Stylist Fadila El Gadi Premieres Latest Collection in Sevilla

Invited by the “Tres Culturas” foundation in Seville, Fadila El Gadi presented her latest collection this Tuesday, to conclude the “We Love Morocco” event held in Sevilla from November 21 to 22.

Fadila’s new collection serves as a reflection of Andalusian culture and the profound connections linking this region to the rich tapestry of Moroccan culture and civilization. It pays homage to Morocco’s ancestral craftsmanship, rooted in the historic Muslim influence that turned the region into a cultural hub spanning the Mediterranean basin.

Featuring approximately twenty models that blend chic aesthetics with timeless appeal, Fadila El Gadi’s collection emphasizes the tradition and core values of craftsmanship that form the very DNA of her creations. The essence of this commitment is eloquently expressed through embroideries that Fadila El Gadi catapulted into the realm of absolute contemporaneity.

In this collection, Fadila El Gadi has collaborated with luxury artisans, including the illustrious Sevillian hatter Maquedano, who boasts an impressive legacy of 125 years. This collaboration exemplifies a fusion of expertise, where Fadila El Gadi’s vision converges with the time-honored craftsmanship of Maquedano, resulting in a collection that not only pays homage to tradition but also embraces modernity.

For over two decades, Fadila El Gadi has been a global exporter of “Made in Morocco” craftsmanship, showcasing her creations on the prestigious catwalks of numerous fashion capitals worldwide. From Paris and Rome to Madrid, Amsterdam, Panama, and beyond, her work has resonated with international audiences.

Fadila El Gadi’s unique blend of ancient traditions and modern sophistication has captivated a diverse range of audience. This synthesis of tradition and contemporary allure has not only garnered attention but has also found favor with a diverse array of notable personalities from around the globe.

Among the admirers of Fadila El Gadi’s subtle and elegant creations are international celebrities, actors, literary figures, media personalities, and politicians. The list includes prominent names such as Ivanka Trump, Léa Salamé, Barbara Streisand, Arielle Dombasle, Daniel Auteuil, and Will Smith.

Fadila El Gadi, who acquired her foundational embroidery skills in the ateliers of Salé artisans during her formative years, established the Embroidery School of Salé in 2016.

Her institution is committed to the preservation and advancement of Morocco’s rich cultural heritage. Specifically designed to empower young individuals from underprivileged backgrounds, the school offers comprehensive training in various professions related to the art of embroidery.

In the month of November, the “Tres Culturas” Foundation dedicates a distinctive cycle to Morocco, with the intention of highlighting the cultural richness of the country from its central hub in Seville.

The program encompasses a variety of cultural events, ranging from cinema screenings and concerts to haute couture fashion shows and conferences, offering a comprehensive exploration of Morocco’s diverse cultural tapestry.

Source: Moroccoworldnews