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Qatargate: the Roman offices of the Figà-Talamanca NGO were searched


AGI – The GdF of Milan has searched the Roman offices of No peace without justice, the NGO of Niccolò Figà-Talamanca already arrested in the context of the Qatargate investigation into alleged corruption in the European Parliament to favor positions on the Gulf country and Morocco.

The activity was carried out on the basis of a European investigation order issued by the investigating judge Michel Claise. Belgian investigators and the deputy federal prosecutor Raphael Malagnini also participated in the operations conducted by the financiers of the Fiamme Gialle judicial police rate. The searches also involved the home of the treasurer of the NGO, Antonella Casu. The woman, assisted by a lawyer, was heard by the investigators.

During the searches, computers, mobile phones and accounting documents were seized. The secretary general of the NGO Figà-Talamanca, 56, suspended himself from office on 20 December 2022 after being arrested eleven days earlier in Brussels.

On February 3, after a few hours of interrogation with the Belgian judiciary, he too was freed from the electronic surveillance to which he was subjected after being released from prison the previous December 14. A new summit between Italian and Belgian investigators is expected for the end of the month to take stock of the situation and evaluate new joint investigation developments.

Source: Metro News