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Road Improvements for Morocco Football Bid

Morocco is planning a major revamp of its road system as part of its bid for the 2030 Football World Cup.
The plan will increase the total length of multilane highways by 50% in the coming seven years.

The country’s highway network extends 2,000km at present and the plans would see this being increased to 3,000km, with additional links being built.

The existing highways already connect all of Morocco’s major cities with populations of 400,000 people or more.

Further road building would improve connections with many towns, reducing journey times and lowering congestion levels a key areas.

Meanwhile, work will be carried out on a stretch of the RN8 Expressway linking Fez with Taounate.

The contract has been awarded to Univers Bat, which won the package of works with a bid of $28 million, by Taounate’s Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Equipment.

Source: Worldhighways