Africa Demonstration

South African LGBTQ+ Activists March Against Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law

The proposed law, known as the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023, is ready to be sent to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, who is facing calls from the United Nations and the United States to reject it.

“Colonisation was enough, apartheid was enough, we can’t deal with this. Human beings need to be free from brainwashing strategies. They need to be free from unjust laws. So we are saying as South Africans stop the anti-homosexual bill”, said Author and activist, Siza Nobuhle, who participated in the march.

Human rights activist from ONG Safe Places International, Nyasha Masi Zhakata, added:

“What is happening right now in Uganda is whereby we have our people imprisoned in their own houses because of their sexuality. It angers me, it gets me so angry, it gets me so frustrated”, she shouted. 

According to activists, if president Museveni gives his assent, anyone who engages in same-sex activity could face life imprisonment while repeat offenders could be sentenced to death.

Source: Africa News