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134 Palestinians Return to Gaza From Egypt on 1st Day of Humanitarian Pause

A total of 134 Palestinians returned to the Gaza Strip from Egypt on Friday on the first day of a humanitarian pause between Hamas and Israel, according to Egyptian authorities.

“Some 200 aid trucks and two ambulances were allowed into Gaza on the first day of the pause,” Diaa Rashwan, chairman of Egypt’s State Information Service (SIS), said in statements.

He added that 29 injured people and 15 other people entered Egypt from Gaza through the Rafah crossing on Friday.

Israel and Hamas swapped 24 Israelis and foreigners for 39 Palestinians from Israeli jails Friday, on the first day of a four-day humanitarian pause.

Under the agreement, the hostages will be released in batches during the four days.

Israel launched a massive military campaign against the Gaza Strip following a cross-border attack by Hamas last month,

It has since killed at least 14,854 Palestinians, including 6,150 children and over 4,000 women, according to health authorities in the enclave.

The official Israeli death toll stands at 1,200.

Source: AA