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Morocco Tops Ranking of Most Technologically Advanced Countries in Africa

Morocco topped a list of Africa’s 15 most technologically advanced countries. The country ranked ahead of countries including South Africa, Egypt, and Kenya, according to a report from Monkey Insider. The report is based on data collected from the World Intellectual Property Organization.

The ranking assesses indicators relating to the information and communications technology sector (ICT), knowledge and technology outputs, scientific and technical articles, and high-tech manufacturing.

With an overall score of 208, Morocco was the first in Africa to implement 3G, the report contends, adding that Morocco is yet to deploy 5G, as the major telecom operators in Morocco prepare for its transition.

In recent years, Morocco has made significant strides in boosting internet access and its information technology infrastructure. In 2021, it ranked as the second-fastest in “digital transformation” in Africa, ranking only behind South Africa.

In November 2022, Morocco ranked 79th out of 131 countries in the Portland Institute’s Network Readiness Index, which measures the application and impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) in global economies.

Morocco performed particularly well in e-commerce legislation, ICT service exports, and high-tech and medium-high-tech manufacturing, the institute detailed in its report.

With expert opinions and reports citing digitalization and improvement of internet access as key to future social and economic advancement in Morocco, the country has made improving its digital infrastructure a priority.

Despite this, several reports have pointed out that Morocco lags behind globally, particularly in the financial sector. A report from New York-based NGO Endeavor released in 2022 revealed that 98% of transactions in Morocco are still conducted in cash.

Source: Moroccoworldnews