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Ailing Pope to Recite Sunday Prayer From Residence, Not St. Peter’s Square

Pope Francis will recite Sunday’s Angelus prayer from his residence rather than overlooking St Peter’s Square as he deals with a mild bout of flu, the Vatican press service said.

“Pope Francis will recite the Angelus live from the chapel of the Casa Santa Marta. The prayer will be broadcast live on screens in St Peter’s Square and streamed on the Vatican News website,” a Holy See press service statement read.

The Argentinian pontiff, 86, on Saturday had a CT scan which ruled out any pulmonary complications and cancelled audiences for the day as the Vatican said he was recuperating from a “light flu”.

Francis is scheduled to make a much anticipated speech at the UN climate summit in Dubai next Saturday, where he is expected to criticise the inaction of many governments and urge them to intensify efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: Thepledge