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Family Vacations in Africa More Popular as Destination Post-Corona

Now that the Corona virus is making a lesser impact on society, many tourists dare to travel again and are also looking to intercontinental options. For Africa this means more European visitors to country’s like Morocco, Cape Verde, Egypt and Gambia. This conclusion is based on holiday bookings and search popularity rising post Corona. Especially as a family vacation destination.

Increase interest in Cape Verde and Egypt

When we zoom in on the individual country’s we notice a particularly bigger rise in interest when it comes to Egypt an Cape Verde. Also reported by the Dutch travel website who reported an increase of 213% more interested in the Cape Verde islands Sal and Santiago with Dutch tourists.

Higher prices because of inflation

Citizens all around the world feel the impact of higher prices dew to inflation. Gas prices, fuel prices and household items rise sometimes on a daily scale. There is slight hope that this will decrease in 2023, but the prices for vacation destinations in popular African country’s will still be a fact. Thought this does not have to be a problem and can also be seen as an opportunity. Service and quality will play a bigger role than every when it comes to growing touristic travelers to Africa. This can counteract the inevitable higher prices for hotels and resort stays.

Africa: great for family and couples

Africa offers a wide range of specific and unique holiday options aimed different segments. There is however an increase of interest in the family vacation segment. The type of tourists who do not come for the big five or nature parks, but choose for luxury, relaxation and comfort. Options that are very upcoming in the new African vacation areas. country’s like Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Tanzania and Kenia are increasing there investments in these area’s and with that growing there attraction for European and America visitors as mentions by the UNWTO.

Popularity will continue to rise

As investments grow and the world emerges form lockdowns, so will also movement and visitations grow. As people tend to keep rising the bar for new, exiting and interesting locations to visit. Africa offers more and more every year and that’s what’s catching they eyes of the people of the world.

Source: All Africa