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FRMF Reiterates Commitment to Develop ‘historic’ 2030 World Cup Candidacy

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) has reiterated its commitment to work along Spain and Portugal to develop a 2030 World Cup candidacy that “exceeds all expectations.”

The federation made its remarks in a statement following the official signing of the candidacy to host the FIFA World Cup in 2030 with Spain and Portugal.

The FRMF emphasized that hosting the World Cup is not only about football but also about showcasing the “unique cultures of the host countries to promote collaboration between Europe, Africa, and the rest of the world, while ensuring that the event is sustainable, friendly, and inclusive for all fans of all ages and backgrounds.”

President of the Portuguese Football Federation Fernando Gomes reiterated the importance of the bid following the signing of the agreement, stressing that this represents a “historic moment” for the three federations and countries.

“Today, we celebrate all those who made this moment possible, and from tomorrow, we work on developing a candidacy and tournament plan that will impress football fans worldwide, and organize an event that will be a new unique experience for football fans worldwide,” Gomes added.

FRMF President Fouzi Lekjaa echoed the same statement, stressing that joining forces with Spain and Portugal is aimed at creating a World Cup that will be revolutionary and will forever mark the history of world football.

“Together, we will write history – the first transcontinental men’s FIFA World Cup,” he said.

RFEF President Pedro Rocha shared the same sentiment with the presidents of the Moroccan and Portuguese federations, stressing that the three countries are “very grateful for the trust that FIFA has shown in our vision so far.”

“We are aware of the significant responsibility that comes with organizing a football World Cup, and we already understand its full impact,” he said.

In October, FIFA unanimously selected the joint Morocco-Spain-Portugal bid to host the global tournament as it was the only one in the race for the competition.

The tournament will also see three opening matches being held in Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay in celebration of the 100th anniversary. This makes the 2030 World Cup the first cross-continental tournament in FIFA’s history.

Morocco’s Royal Palace celebrated the news quoting King Mohammed VI as expressing gratitude to the cooperation of Spanish and Portuguese Football authorities.

Source: Moroccoworldnews