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Green Banks: Game Changer in Climate Finance? [Business Africa]

Financial Revolution: Green Banks at the Forefront of the Climate Challenge

As climate funds take center stage at COP28 in Dubai, Africa is gradually turning to new solutions. Five African countries have decided to launch banks specialized in climate finance.

For details, our guest this week is Samuel Mathey, the founder and president of the African Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (FAFEDE).

In Uganda, the Agrishare mobile app aims to simplify the lives of farmers

Ugandan innovators have developed a new mobile application designed to help farmers access agricultural technologies and equipment, rent them, and use them on their farms.

A report by our correspondent Raziah Athman.

In Morocco, the used car market takes the lead

The car rental market in Morocco still has a bright future. No less than 10,000 agencies operate in the car rental sector in Morocco, influencing the entire automotive ecosystem of the kingdom.

A report by Hajar Toufik from Casablanca

Source: Africa News