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Instituto De Coordenadas Highlights the Position of Morocco at Forefront of Global Green Agenda

Today kicks off in Dubai the COP28, which will last until 12th of December. The global climate summit, convening leaders and other influential entities and stakeholders, confronts the imperative of advancing international commitments to combat climate change. Commitments from the Global South nations is paramount for the success of the summit, in this regard Morocco, is positioning itself as a vanguard in climate solutions and stands as a pivotal proponent for ambitious objectives during this summit.

Morocco is assuming a regional and potentially global leadership role by championing ambitious ventures in clean energy. Facilitated by governmental support and collaboration with European corporations, Morocco is evolving into an exemplar of dedication to renewable energy, progressively attaining the status of a paramount partner for Europe. This is particularly noteworthy given the challenges the European Union is facing in surpassing energy dependencies on Russia and on conventional fossil fuels.

The Kingdom of Morocco has substantiated its commitment to energy transition through groundbreaking initiatives such as the Noor-Ouarzazate concentrated solar power complex, acclaimed as the world’s largest solar power plant spanning over 3,000 hectares. Morocco endeavors not only fortify green self-sufficiency but also aspire to generate 52% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030, thereby doubling the renewable capacity from 2021 to 2026. In addition, the Mediterranean country’s strategic vision extends to a concerted emphasis on green hydrogen, with aspirations to emerge as an intercontinental powerhouse. In this regard, the World Bank has underscored Morocco’s approach, accentuating that the proliferation of solar and wind energy could not only stabilize the economy, but also engender thousands of jobs annually—an imperative facet in a nation grappling with an 11.2% unemployment rate.

The European Union has strategically aligned itself with Morocco’s ecological evolution through the EU-Morocco Green Partnership program, signed last autumn. This is the first green partnership the EU signs with a partner country. The EU has contributed with €115 million aiming to advance the external dimension of the European Green Deal through action on the ground. This partnership accentuates sustainable value chains, forest conservation, and job creation. This pioneering collaboration between the EU and Morocco manifests a shared aspiration to address the climate emergency, casting Morocco as model for collaborative schemes beyond the EU. Furthermore, this reality highlights EU´s perception on Morocco as a key and committed ally in facing global challenges. It worth reminding that Morrocco is a crucial partner on EU´s external policies including counterterrorism, migration, trade and a supporter in international fora.

In anticipation of COP28, Morocco has fortified its bonds with the European Union. The Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Leila Benali, has underscored the joint determination of both parties to actualize environmentally sustainable projects. At COP28, Morocco is poised to present itself as an unwavering leader in climate action—a pivotal partner ready to make substantial contributions to mitigating the European energy crisis. Its proactive and collaborative stance, supported by robust data, augurs an optimistic trajectory toward a sustainable future.

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Source: Prnewswire