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Kenya Court Jails Cult Leader Mackenzie for One and Half Years

Controversial Kenyan preacher Paul Mackenzie has been jailed for a year and a half for illegally distributing unrated films to support his radical sermons.

Mackenzie was also jailed for a further six months for operating a film studio without a valid licence.

“The accused is found guilty as charged and is hereby sentenced to one year and six months imprisonment respectively. The accused has 14 days to file an appeal,” said Malindi Senior Resident Magistrate Olga Onalo.

The magistrate said she had taken into account the defendant’s mitigating circumstances, his age, the fact that he had closed his church and his remorse for the offences.

The court also said it had taken into account the length of time the case had taken to complete when considering the sentence.

Mackenzie was found guilty on November 10 on two counts of illegally exhibiting films to the public through Times Television without the approval of the Kenya Film Classification Board.

He was charged with operating a film studio and producing films without a valid filming licence from the Kenya Film Classification Board.

According to the State, Mackenzie committed both offences between January 11 and April 11, 2019, at Good News International Church in Malindi Township, Kilifi County jointly with others not before the court.

Makenzie remains in custody as police complete investigations into the Shakahola massacre, which claimed the lives of more than 426 members of his church.

Source: The East African