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Kenya’s Judiciary Launches Plan to Expand Access to Justice

Kenya’s judiciary on Friday announced an initiative to expand access to justice for all its citizens.

The East African country launched the Social Transformation through Access to Justice blueprint (2023-2033), outlining a roadmap to ensure that every Kenyan, regardless of socioeconomic status, geographical location, or personal vulnerabilities, has access to legal assistance and aid, said Martha Koome, chief justice and president of the Supreme Court.

“The blueprint addresses the longstanding justice gap in the Kenyan legal system, where only 10 percent of justice-seekers find resolution of disputes through courts,” Koome told journalists in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

It offers guidelines for establishing specialized courts focusing on vulnerable and marginalized members of society to meet all justice needs, she said, noting that the blueprint prioritizes the creation of children’s courts to safeguard the rights, dignity and well-being of children throughout legal proceedings.

Furthermore, she highlighted that Kenya plans to introduce 24-hour duty courts to address urgent legal matters at any time of day or night. “This will be particularly crucial for certain types of cases or situations that require immediate attention, including in admiralty matters, bail hearings, and applications for temporary restraining orders.”

Source: Xinhua