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King Celebrates Morocco’s Academy as Beacon of Cross-continental Research Excellence

King Mohammed VI reiterated today the importance of the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco, emphasizing its contribution to promoting academic and scientific research.

The King made his remarks in a message to the members of the Academy during the opening of its first session on Wednesday in Rabat.

Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan chaired the opening of the first session in its new configuration.

In his message, the monarch celebrated the academy, describing it as a platform for “honing intellectual, academic, and scientific skills in all areas of the humanities and social sciences.”

For the monarch, this prestigious institution has contributed to developing and enriching research as well as highlighting the historical and cultural depth that Morocco has acquired over the centuries.

“To enable the Academy to discharge its lofty mission in the best possible way, I have sought, since 2015, to reactivate it and revisit its structure,” he said, emphasizing that the goal was to bring it in line with the goals and stipulations of the country’s constitution.

The monarch also emphasized that the institution’s primary objective is providing a platform to preserve Morocco’s identity with its Arab, Islamic, Amazigh, and Sahrawi-Hassani components in addition to its African, Andalusian, Hebrew, and Mediterranean identities.

“Another objective was to promote the Kingdom’s academic and cultural influence and to contribute to the reflection of the problems and issues faced in today’s world,” the royal message added.

The monarch also recalled the objective of the new organizational setup, notifying the academy members to promote rational management for effective and influential contributions.

He also cited the responsibility of institutions that joined the academy and those created to take an interest in the knowledge relating to history as well as to revisit research methods concerning Morocco’s heritage.

“Special attention should also be devoted to translation and the arts, given their role in showcasing the contributions of Moroccan through to contemporary knowledge,” the King said.

Founded in 1977 by the late King Hassan II, the academy’s goal is to contribute to promoting and empowering scientific research, arts, and culture.

Source: Moroccoworldnews