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Libya Reiterates Firm Rejection of Aggression Against Gaza

The Libyan acting Foreign Minister of the Government of National Unity, Al-Taher Al-Baour stressed the steadiness of Libya’s position rejecting the occupation’s aggression against Gaza.

Al-Baour’s statement came during a speech he delivered at the “Union for the Mediterranean” meeting in Barcelona, Spain, with the participation of 32 foreign ministers from the European Union and Arab countries.

During the meeting, which was devoted to discussing the aggression against Gaza, the representative of Libya considered that the occupation’s attack on Gaza was an attack on the entire world by rejecting all international laws and conventions.

Al-Baour called on the international community to “look realistically and with an eye of truth at the daily attacks against the Palestinian people and not be drawn into falsifying the facts in Gaza.”

He also added that reaching a temporary pause in Gaza is acceptable, but it is not a solution, calling for pressure on the occupation forces to reach a sustainable ceasefire, and to work to quickly provide humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

Al-Baour also called for abstaining from describing the Palestinian resistance as extremism, while the occupation forces are carrying out a genocide against the people of Gaza, forcibly displacing all of its residents, and storming Jerusalem, describing this as a disgrace to the international community and humanity.

Source: Libya Observer