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Moroccan Teams Win African Bakery Cup, Chefs’ Cup

Moroccan teams have won the African Bakery Cup and the Morjane Halima Trophy at the International Exhibition of Restaurant, Catering, and Hotel Professionals’ gastronomy competition (CREMAI).

Moroccan bakers won the African Bakery Cup during the competition held at the Mohammed VI Exhibition Center in El Jadida, with their counterparts from Ivory Coast and Ghana respectively won the second and third prizes.

Morocco also secured first place in the Morjane Halima Trophy, also known as the Africa and Middle East Chefs’ Cup.

The competition has “highlighted the talent and innovation of the chefs of the region,” said a press release from the organization.

Chefs from Tunisia and Saudi Arabia managed to win the second and third place prizes respectively.

Last September, Morocco won its fifth African Pastry Cup, which was organized as part of the Official Tournament of African Chefs in Dakhla.

Among the eight countries that participated in the competition, Morocco topped the podium followed by Mauritius and Tunisia, which won the second and third place respectively.

Moroccan cuisine is world-renowned for its rich flavors and regional influences, blending together Amazigh, Arab, sub-Saharan, and European influences.

Travel website Travel Awaits recently ranked Morocco’s Marrakech as the ninth best “food city” in the world, cementing the position of Moroccan cuisine as one of the world’s best.

Source: Moroccoworldnews