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Moroccan Tech Company Nsayblik Launches Freelancing Platform

A statement from the company said that the platform connects verified freelancers with clients worldwide and accepts a diverse range of payment options, including both national and international cards.

CEO and Co-Founder of Nsayblik Marouane Benkhechane Taffah underlined the company’s fundamental philosophy, saying: “At Nsayblik we operate on the principle that knowledge sharing is knowledge multiplied.”

He added that the company aims to provide a space where individuals can share their skills, and clients can tap into a pool of highly “vetted, verified, and reliable” freelancers.

The statement said that Nsayblik goes beyond a conventional freelance marketplace, explaining that it functions as an ecosystem fostering continuous learning and professional growth.

“We are committed to breaking down barriers in accessing skilled professionals. Whether it’s a language barrier or a geographical divide, our goal is to bridge these gaps,” Benkhechane added.

He added that the platform’s multilingual customer support team is central to their commitment to ensuring seamless communication.

“Our multilingual customer support team plays a vital role in this, ensuring that communication is never a hindrance,” Benkhechane underlined.

What sets Nsayblik apart, according to the company, is its personalized customer support, which addresses diverse linguistic and cultural needs.

This approach builds trust and satisfaction among international users, noted the statement, adding that the company’s future plans include regional expansion within the MENA region and global outreach.

The company shared its excitement about the imminent launch of the platform’s mobile application and the incorporation of additional languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic to enhance accessibility.

Source: Moroccoworldnews