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Morocco’s Adnane Baraka Turns to Fiction for Third Film ‘we Don’t Forget’

Film Festival in 2022, before going on to screen at CPH:DOX, DOK Leipzig, Porto/Post/Doc, Festival dei Popoli, the Montreal International Documentary Festival, the Mirage Film Festival and MiradasDoc, winning a handful of awards in the process. The film was Baraka’s second to shoot but first to be released; his first film, Wandering Stars, shot in 2019, about three blind young Moroccans who defy countless obstacles to survive, and has only just entered post.

With his upcoming We Don’t Forget, the Marrakech-born filmmaker and musician, who studied at the Esav Film School in Morocco, is dipping his toes into fiction. The film centres on Ahmed, a truck driver in a secluded village where mysterious holes suddenly appear, disrupting the tranquil community.

“Alongside his friends, Ahmed engages in contemplative discussions as the unsettling events unfold,” explains Baraka. The project is “inspired by the unknown aspects of life, the story delves into human complexities, belief systems, and the pursuit of understanding.”

The success of Baraka’s previous film, which garnered him the New Talent award at the 9th Duhok IFF, “has significantly contributed to my filmmaking journey,” he says. Fragments from Heaven “was a genuine exploration of cinematic language and deepened my understanding of complex ideas. The success of the project was a meaningful experience, challenging me to stretch my creative boundaries.”

Baraka comes to Marrakech this year, as writer, director and producer, though his Moroccan production company Alpha Ursae Minoris Productions, of We Don’t Forget. He says his primary goals for entering the Atlas Workshops “include seeking funds to support the production of my film and participating in pitching forums”.

These aspects are pivotal for what Baraka admits is needed in “advancing the project and establishing valuable connections within the industry. I am eager to present my film concept, engage with potential investors, and leverage the opportunity for visibility and collaboration.”

The budget for We Don’t Forget is just under €1m and Baraka is hoping to begin shooting in November 2025 in Morocco.

“Now is the opportune moment for We Don’t Forget as it explores the human condition amid the unknown,” explains Baraka, who is also a musician and researches acoustic and synthetic sounds through his InCave and Sent projects. “The narrative resonates with current uncertainties, offering a lens to examine our responses to the inexplicable — the film’s exploration of emotions, relationships, and existential questions feels timely, inviting audiences to contemplate life’s mysteries in the context of contemporary challenges.”

Source: Screendaily