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New Digital System to Facilitate Actual Data of Crop Harvests

The Tanzanian and Moroccan governments have launched the crop statistics digital collection system to have actual data of harvests in the country (Tanzania).

The system involves the use of a satellite, with agriculturalists visiting farmers in their respective areas to gather crops’ information from the grassroot level.

The revelation was made recently at the Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI)- Uyole Centre, where the launch of the new system was held.

The launching was attended by over 140 agricultural experts from across the country.

TARI Uyole Centre soil expert, Mr Fredrick Mlowe said participants have already been trained on the use of the new technology including being given gadgets such as smartphones, ready for visiting farmers in various parts of the country.

“The aim is to have actual statistics of what we produce in every farming season. Our officers used to predict the amount of crops to be harvested, a practice that is now phasing out as we are switching to digitalization.

“The new technology is going to collect information on each crop, with agricultural officers making the monitoring from a stage when the crop starts germinating until the time of harvest, a step that will also assure food security from the household to the national level,” he said.

Katavi Regional Agricultural Officer Paulo Sheyo commended the introduction of new technology saying it will help to gather accurate agricultural-related data in the country.

It was further noted that farm visiting is a-seven month programme, which will be supervised by the fertilizer producing company- OCP Limited.

The company’s Sales Manager, Mr Kefas Sima, affirmed that at least 160,000 farmers in some regions have been informed on new technology, waiting for programme runners to visit the farms.

He expressed the gratitude to the governments for that initiative, adding that the technology is going to boot commercial farming activities in Tanzania.

Source: Daily News