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Nigerian Government Secures N210 Million to Empower Chibok Community

The Federal Ministry of Women Affairs has secured N210 million from the American University of Nigeria in Adamawa State for the families of the Chibok girls.

On 14 April, 2014, the Islamist group, Boko Haram abducted 276 girls from Government Secondary School, Chibok.

The abducted girls, many of whom have been released, are referred to as Chibok girls by the media.

Chibok is a community in Borno State.

The spokesperson of the ministry, Ohaeri Joseph, in a statement, said the gesture is part of its sustainable empowerment drive for Nigerian women.

Mr Joseph stated this following a visit to the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, by the President/Vice Chancellor of the university, Dewayne Frazier.

“We have been happy to work specifically with the Ministry on the Chibok project. It is a project I take personally because being on the campus and working with the Ministry and the girls has been a blessing to me.

“I spoke with the Minister on the Chibok project but we still have to find a way to enable and empower the Chibok community in Borno State and allow them to live a sustainable life,” Mr Joseph quoted the vice-chancellor saying in the statement.

“We have about 17 to 18 million Nigerians who are facing food challenges; we are going to combat this head-on. We will invest 50 per cent of the scholarship on the Chibok community, the greatest resources of this country are the people and I want to be part of solutions for the future,” Mrs Frazier added.

In her remark, the Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Ohanenye, stated that she visited the Chibok community in Adamawa State where 79 girls survived the 14th April 2014 abduction from the Government Secondary School, Chibok.

“During my visit, I noticed that the community needed our support and urged the President/Vice Chancellor of the American University to support the Ministry in this direction and he willingly agreed to earmark 50 per cent of the scholarship fund for sustainable empowerment for the family members of the girls domiciled in Chibok, Borno State.

“The money will not be given to the Ministry but the American University will procure the items directly from the companies and give to the community which include 20 pieces of Rice milling machines, and 10 units of Cassava milling machines.

“Others are 10 units of Fish grilling machines, 5 units of Rice packaging machines, a unit of grinding machine, 30 units of sewing machines, 30 pieces of Scissors, 20 units of branded Tricycles, and 10 units of Solar Water Pumping machines to enhance irrigation process for Rice farming,” the minister said.

The minister said the support will boost agricultural production that will eventually put more food on the tables of more Nigerians in line with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s policy thrust on food security.

Source: Premiumtimesng