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OCP Renews Commitment to Fulfilling Green Sustainable Development Goals

Morocco’s fertilizer giant OCP has renewed its commitment towards making its activities “as green as possible.”

OCP’s Head of Corporate Strategy Iliass El Fali reiterated the company’s goal in an interview with Energy Voice, stressing the group’s commitment to carbon neutrality.

Recalling OCP’s $13 billion program, Energy Voice emphasized OCP’s plan to “ramp up renewable energy production and green hydrogen.”

“We’ve committed to carbon neutrality, scope 1 and 2, by 2030, and scope 3 by 2040. Part of this commitment to ensure carbon neutrality will be to consume green ammonia,” the outlet quoted El Fali as saying.

The goal for the giant fertilizer group is to produce 200,000 tonnes of green ammonia per year by 2026. Advanced plans from the OCP include increasing this production to one million tonnes per year by 2027 and three million tonnes per year by 2032.

A year ago, OCP launched the $13 billion investment plan in line with Morocco’s ambition to foster a transition towards a carbon-neutral economy.

During the presentation ceremony chaired by King Mohammed VI, OCP CEO Mostafa Terrab emphasized that the group seeks to increase its fertilizer production capacity, while also being committed to achieving carbon neutrality before 2040 by boosting its reliance on renewable energies.

Under the plan, green energy will be used to supply new seawater desalination capacities to meet the group’s needs and provide the areas around OCP sites with drinking and irrigation water.

In terms of seawater desalination, OCP aims to reach a capacity of 560 million cubic meters in 2026, 110 million cubic meters of which it aims to achieve this year.

It also aims to end the group’s reliance on ammonia imports, a key component in the manufacturing of fertilizers which are a key business activity for the phosphates giant.

OCP aims to use green hydrogen to cover its ammonia needs.

The group is planning an ammonia production complex in the south of Tarfaya, with a capacity of a million tonnes per year. This will be powered by a solar and wind farm with a total capacity of 3.8 Gigawatts.

As for green energy, the group aims to produce 5 gigawatts of clean energy by 2027 and no less than 13 gigawatts by 2032.

Source: Morocco World News