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Sudan Grapples With Rising Cholera Cases

Sudan’s Ministry of Health has reported a significant surge in cholera cases across the country, with a total of 3,359 cases, including 108 fatalities, recorded to date.

In response to the alarming rise in cholera infections, the Ministry of Health has initiated a large-scale vaccination campaign in two states, Al-Gezira and Gedaref. The campaign is scheduled to run until November 25.

A Ministry of Health official informed Sudan Tribune that the Red Sea State has seen a concerning rise in cholera cases, with 145 confirmed infections and 6 deaths.

Concerns are also mounting over the potential spread of cholera in White Nile State, where the number of cases has reached 132, resulting in 8 deaths. Al Gezhira State, on the other hand, has recorded 993 cases, including 20 fatalities.

The Ministry of Health official acknowledged the challenges posed by the escalating cholera outbreak, particularly in light of the ongoing conflict and the lack of aid and medical supplies reaching conflict zones.

In mid-November, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the delivery of 2.2 million doses of cholera vaccines to Sudan through the Global Mechanism for the Elimination of Cholera.

Acting Minister of Health Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim expressed gratitude for the vaccine shipment, stating that it represents a crucial step in strengthening the country’s efforts to combat the disease.

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the cholera epidemic poses a significant threat to over 3 million people in Sudan. At least 1,600 suspected cases and 67 deaths have been reported thus far.

Source: Sudan Tribune