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Tunisia: Trade Unionists Protest Over 4 Members’ Arrest

Tunisia’s main trade union organisation, UGTT, on Wednesday protested in Sfax against the arrest of four of its members on Monday.

The arrests on Monday evening include the union’s regional secretary general Youssef Aouadni, and three other members.

Speaking at the protest, the UGTT’s deputy secretary general Sami Tahri said the arrests were made on political rather than judicial decisions.

“Our demands are clear: the immediate release of the detainees and the examination of the cases by the competent courts,” said Tahri. “We have confidence in justice.”

In a statement on Tuesday, the UGTT said the arrests were aimed at harassing trade unionists and undermining the trade union centre.

The UGTT has been at the forefront of several protests this year against President Kais Saied, who seized wide-ranging powers in 2021 and has since cracked down on political opponents.

Source: Africa News