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Yerkin Tatishev, Chairman of Kusto Group, Embraces New Role at Kazakhstan’s Oldest Private University and Continues Push for Educational Reform

Almaty, Kazakhstan (16/6 – 35)

Yerkin Tatishev, the Chairman and Founder of Kusto Group, has assumed the chairmanship of Almaty Management University (AMU), Kazakhstan’s oldest private university. Tatishev’s appointment, announced last week, marks a significant milestone for AMU as it looks to further enhance its reputation as a leading institution for business education in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region.

Tatishev, an accomplished entrepreneur, philanthropist, and passionate advocate for education, brings to his new role at AMU a wealth of experience and a visionary approach. As a key driver of growth and transformation in various industries across the CIS region, Tatishev’s leadership at AMU is set to bring a new era of success for the institution.

AMU, first established in 1988 as the pioneer business school in the Republic of Kazakhstan, has long been a beacon of excellence in business education in the country. Tatishev’s chairmanship is expected to enhance AMU’s commitment to fostering an environment of innovation and strategic leadership.

Yerkin Tatishev, the Chairman and Founder of Kusto Group and an accomplished entrepreneur, philanthropist and passionate advocate for education, is a key driver of growth and transformation in various industries across the CIS region.

Throughout his career, Tatishev has stressed the importance of high-quality education, not just in his native Kazakhstan, but globally. In the past, he criticized Kazakhstan’s poor performance in the PISA study, a global test that measures students’ performances in science, reading, and math across 79 countries. Tatishev has called for a revamp and modernization of the country’s educational programs to compete globally.

Tatishev’s commitment to education is also evidenced in his initiative, the High Tech Academy, inaugurated in 2017. Part of Kusto Group’s Koktobe City project, High Tech Academy implements ground-breaking educational principles such as project-based learning and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), aimed at preparing students for real-world challenges.

The Kusto Group founder has repeatedly expressed the belief that focusing on real-life problem-solving and emotional understanding can significantly improve Kazakhstan’s education system. Research indicates that SEL not only enhances academic learning outcomes but also boosts future income levels, improves career readiness, reduces emotional distress among students, and even decreases incidents of bullying and behavioral problems.

Tatishev, expressing gratitude for his appointment at AMU, said, “I am deeply honored to assume the chairmanship of Almaty Management University, an institution that has long been at the forefront of business education. I look forward to working closely with the esteemed faculty and dedicated staff to strengthen AMU’s position as a center of excellence, producing highly skilled professionals equipped to navigate the challenges of the global business landscape.”

In his new role, Tatishev plans to enhance AMU’s academic programs, foster international collaborations, and promote entrepreneurship among students. His extensive network and industry connections are also expected to attract global experts, renowned faculty, and prominent guest speakers to AMU. Tatishev’s appointment is anticipated to reinforce AMU’s commitment to providing a world-class business education that empowers students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in a rapidly evolving global economy. As the university builds upon its illustrious history, it aims to set new standards for business education in Kazakhstan and the wider CIS region.