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Morocco: King Receives New Members of Constitutional Court; Hands Appointment Dahirs to Several New Ambassadors

King Mohammed VI received, Thursday at the Royal Palace in Rabat, the newly-appointed members of the Constitutional Court, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the organic law of this Court, mainly the provisions on the renewal of one third of the court’s members.

The new members are Mohamed Amine Benabdellah, Amina El Messaoudi and Najib Ba Mohamed, who are appointed by the King; Mohamed El Kasri, elected by the House of Representatives; and Mohamed Lididi, elected by the Upper House.

During the audience, the King appointed Mohamed Amine Benabdellah as president of the Constitutional Court, succeeding Said Ihrai, who is no longer in position to continue assuming his role.

Later on Thursday, the Sovereign received several new Moroccan ambassadors and handed them their appointment Dahirs.

The newly appointed ambassadors are Youssef Amrani who will head Morocco’s mission in the United States of America; Mohamed Ait Ouali appointed Ambassador to Egypt; Abdelkader El Ansari, Morocco’s new Ambassador to China; Ahmed Tazi, head of the Moroccan mission in the United Arab Emirates, and Fouad Akhrif who will head Morocco’s mission in Jordan.

The King also handed to Samira Sitaïl her appointment Dahir as Morocco’s Ambassador to France. She is the first woman to be named head of the Moroccan mission in Paris.

Source: Medafricatimes