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Tunisia: Attijari Bank Increases Its Capital to 210 Million Dinars

An Extraordinary General Meeting was held, Tuesday 28 November 2023, to approve an increase in the share capital reserved exclusively for the active and permanent staff of Attijari Bank and its subsidiaries (Attijari Leasing, Attijari Assurance, Attijari Intermédiation, Attijari Recouvrement, Attijari Sicar, Attijari Gestion, Attijari Finances Tunisie), with the exclusion of the preferential subscription right.

According to the draft resolutions to be submitted for approval to the aforementioned General Meeting, the latter will decide to increase the share capital in cash by a total of 6,290,015 dinars, bringing it from 203,709,985 dinars to 210 million dinars, through the creation of 1,258,003 new shares with a nominal value of 5 dinars each, plus an issue premium of 34.100 per share, giving an issue price of 39.100 dinars per share.

The new shares will be fully paid upon subscription and will be entitled to dividends from January 1, 2024.

The issue price is equal to the weighted average price of the Attijari Bank share recorded over a period of three months preceding the date of the meeting of the Board of Directors at which the form and characteristics of the operation were finally determined, i.e. November 6, 2023, less an amount of 4 dinars corresponding to the dividends distributed in 2023 in respect of the 2022 result.

The Extraordinary General Meeting will decide, in the event that subscriptions do not reach the total amount of the capital increase decided, to limit the amount of the increase to the amount of subscriptions, provided that the latter reach at least three quarters of the increase decided.

Source: African Manager