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Morocco Launches Portal for Housing Aid Distribution

Morocco’s government launched an official platform to receive applications for housing aid.
The launch of the platform, which will start receiving applications on December 2, 2023, comes after the government unveiled last month a comprehensive framework for state aid allocation in the housing sector.

Overseen by the Minister of National Planning, Urban Planning, Housing, and City Policy, and the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy and Finance responsible for the budget, the decree is part of the country’s effort to facilitate access to housing.

Breaking down the aid structures, the decree says that the state will allocate MAD 100,000 ($9,900) to support housing acquisitions valued under MAD 300,000 ($29,800), including fees.

In addition, a targeted aid of MAD 70,000 ($6,900) is designated for homes priced between MAD 300,000 ($29,800) and MAD 700,000 ($69,800).

The decree stipulates that individuals looking to benefit from this social assistance program must follow an application process through an online platform managed by a public law-governed body.

Upon meeting the conditions outlined in Article 8 of the Finance Act of 2023, applicants should expect initial approval within a maximum period of 7 days from application submission.

This decree also establishes a specialized committee consisting of representatives from housing and budgetary authorities.

In addition to overseeing the aid distribution, the committee will evaluate distribution methodologies and propose improvements.

If the acquisition of housing is not completed within the prescribed time-frame, the decree provides for the immediate reimbursement of the aid amount to prevent misuse of funds.

Source: Moroccoworldnews