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Morocco Re-elected to International Maritime Organization Council

The Kingdom of Morocco has been re-elected to the Council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for the 2024-2025 term. This achievement was announced during the proceedings of the 33rd Assembly of the IMO, held in London from November 27 to December 5.

Campaigning for one of the 20 seats in Category C of the IMO Council, Morocco garnered the support of a majority of member states, securing its 16th consecutive term in the Council.

Morocco’s strategic geographical location with an expansive coastline of over 3,500 kilometers along the Mediterranean and Atlantic positions it as a maritime heavyweight. This re-election underscores Morocco’s unwavering commitment to maritime safety, security, and the prevention of marine pollution since its accession to the IMO in 1962.

The 33rd session of the IMO Assembly witnessed a high-level delegation from Morocco, led by Mohamed Abdeljalil, the Minister of Transport and Logistics.

The success was attributed to the robust diplomatic efforts led by the Kingdom, in close coordination with the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, as outlined in a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccans Residing Abroad on Friday.

As Morocco looks ahead to its renewed term on the IMO Council, it joins the ranks of nations such as Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Egypt, and Qatar. The Council, pivotal in ensuring diverse global representation, plays a crucial role in the IMO’s fundamental missions.

The ongoing assembly holds considerable significance for Morocco, as it navigates critical decisions on the adoption of the Organization’s Strategic Plan for 2024-2029, along with the approval of the budget and work program for 2024-2025.

This achievement comes on the heels of King Muhammad VI’s recent address, emphasizing the paramount importance of Morocco’s Atlantic dimension during the celebration of the 48th anniversary of the Green March. Morocco’’s maritime diplomacy continues to unfold on the global stage, solidifying its role as a key player in shaping international maritime policies.

Source: Moroccoworldnews