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Morocco, Portugal Sign Joint Declaration on Electrical Interconnection Project

Morocco and Portugal signed on Saturday a joint declaration related to an electrical interconnection project between Rabat and Lisbon.

The two countries signed the project on the sidelines of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) taking place in Dubai, UAE.

Morocco’s Minister of Energy Transition Leila Benali signed the joint declaration with Portuguese Minister of Environment Duarte Cordeiro.

The declaration aims to boost strategies for the development of renewable energies between the two countries, as well as opportunities for energy exchange between the African and European continents.

Benali expressed satisfaction with the signing, stressing that the implementation of the electrical interconnection between the two countries is significant for both continents.

She said the signing of the declaration aims to update technical studies and the cost that comes with financing this project on a global scale.

Cordeiro echoed the same sentiments, emphasizing that both Morocco and Portugal share similar strategies for the development of renewable energies and green hydrogen.

He said that establishing an electrical network between the two countries would contribute to decarbonizing Europe.

Morocco and Portugal have frequently expressed interest in boosting cooperation in the renewable energy sector.

In 2021, the two countries signed an agreement to cooperate on green hydrogen development.

Rabat and Lisbon see the agreement as an opportunity, acknowledging the importance of green hydrogen as a cleaner and more accessible source of energy for the future of the economics of both countries.

Source: Morocco World News