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Morocco’s Mohammed VI Tower Enters Final Phase of Construction

The last phase of construction has begun on the 55-story Mohammed VI Tower, scheduled to open in 2024.

Workers are reportedly working nonstop to finish the large ceiling that hangs over the main entryway of the tower, as well as the floor and ceiling of the building in preparation for its inauguration next year.

In addition, a tiny bay with a view of the Bouregreg River is being constructed on the first floor.

Standing at 250 meters, the tower is set to become Africa’s highest construction and is intended to be visible from 50 kilometers away.

With a total floor area of over 100,000 square meters, the tower is itself on a podium, the whole evoking a rocket on its launch pad.

The inside of the tower includes an observation terrace at the top, offices, apartments, and a luxury hotel, all reachable by way of 40 elevators, of which 17 are located in the podium and 23 in the tower.

The tower construction began in 2018 with financing from the Bank of Africa, but it had to be suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the project has since been resumed at a total investment of MAD 6 billion ($596 million).

The tower won the “Best Performance in Terms of Engineering Projects or Work Developed by a SME” award at the 15th Annual Caminos Madrid Awards 2022.

Source: Morocco World News