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Morocco, Russia Seek to Boost Bilateral Relations

Morocco’s Ambassador to Moscow Lotfi Bouchaara met on Thursday with Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikhail Leonidovich Bogdanov to discuss boosting ties between the two countries.

The two diplomats discussed current regional issues, the positive development of relations between Russia and Morocco, as well as the agenda of upcoming meetings at various levels.

The meeting further demonstrated the determination of Morocco and Russia to deepen their already established relations and explore opportunities for enhanced cooperation.

The two representatives had met in July, and they both stressed the importance of maintaining a dynamic political discourse, particularly with regards to common interests in regional affairs.

On the sidelines of the second Russia-Africa summit which took place on July 27-28 in St. Petersburg, senior Moroccan and Russian officials met to explore common challenges and prospects.

The conversations centered on guaranteeing the summit’s accomplishment and advancing more productive diplomatic ties between Russia and African countries.

In addition to political dialogue, Russia has consistently underlined its determination to further strengthen relations with Morocco on other levels, including trade.

Last August, Sputnik News quoted President Vladimir Putin’s goals for fostering partnerships with countries in North Africa.

“We are preparing agreements on a free trade area with Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. It’s all of North Africa,” the Russian President said during a meeting with the Russian government, emphasizing that “there are many more points of development on the continent and there are very interesting countries.”

Russia has also pledged its intention to help Morocco cope with the challenge posed by the ongoing drought. In particular, the country has repeatedly expressed willingness to supply Morocco with wheat.

According to Vladimir Baibakov, Russia’s ambassador to Morocco, Russia is ready to supply Morocco with wheat at “a reasonable price.”

In light of “the exacerbation of the energy and food crisis,” the ambassador stressed in an interview with the Russian news agency TASS that his country was prepared to work with Morocco in this area.

“We are ready to supply wheat at a reasonable price to the kingdom,” Baibakov declared, stressing the need for such a collaboration in the midst of global crises.

Source: Moroccoworldnews