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Morocco to Strengthen Industrial Quality With Key Partnerships

Two partnership agreements aiming to improve Morocco’s industrial landscape were signed in Rabat on Wednesday.

This significant development took place within the framework of the 23rd edition of the National Quality Week, organized under the theme “A national quality policy at the service of competitiveness” by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The overarching goal of this annual event is to champion a culture of quality and excellence. A focal point of this edition is the presentation of the National Quality Policy project, crafted by five commissions stemming from the High Council of Standardization and Certification (CSNCA).

The aim is to garner recommendations from stakeholders through a participative approach before submitting the project to the CSNCA for approval.

The initial accord, sealing the establishment of a high-caliber ecosystem for automotive quality professionals, was formalized by Taoufiq Moucharraf, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and Hakim Abdelmoumen, President of the Moroccan Association for Automotive Industry and Construction (AMICA).

The second pact, focusing on fostering a quality ecosystem within the chemical and petrochemical sectors, was consummated by Moucharraf and Abed Chagar, President of the Federation of Chemistry and Petrochemistry (FCP).

These ambitions to build quality ecosystems are strategically designed to fortify the national industry’s quality benchmarks, encompassing both the manufactured products and managerial aspects, as well as nurturing skills and human resources.

The overarching goal is to position Morocco as a hub of excellence in the targeted sectors, empowering professionals to be more competitive and adept at meeting the evolving demands of an increasingly discerning clientele.

As Morocco steers towards becoming a quality-driven industrial hub, these partnerships aim to foster a culture of excellence and innovation, poised to propel the nation to improve its competitiveness on the global stage.

Source: Moroccoworldnews