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Morocco’s Pioneering Energy Transition Paves the Way for a Sustainable Future in Africa

In a world where sustainability and resilience have become fundamental pillars, integrating these principles at the heart of growth strategies, particularly in the vital energy production sector, is an essential step in ensuring our collective prosperity.

Notably, despite Africa’s small contribution of 4% to global greenhouse gas emissions, the continent faces the risk of up to a 15% reduction in its growth potential as a result of climate change. This reality makes sustainable development not a distant ideal, but a paramount socio-economic imperative.

Aware of this challenge, Morocco has embarked on a bold path with remarkable energy transformation goals. By 2030, the country aims to have an energy mix consisting of 52% renewable energy sources, including green hydrogen. At the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, we celebrate our significant progress in the field of sustainable energy, the fruit of a collaborative approach and strong alliances at various levels.

Sustainability is more than a trend

The transition to a clean energy economy is not only a collective responsibility; it’s a reality in the making, with a solid foundation already in place. It is essential to continue to build the necessary capacity, foster clean energy innovation, and focus on high-impact research and development. We also emphasize the importance of considering the socio-economic impact on communities and individuals when designing and implementing solutions, through human-centered initiatives.

The development of infrastructures conducive to this transition requires the concrete application of research, development and innovation. Morocco’s commitment to a renewable and sustainable energy mix, coupled with its collaborative approach, serves as an inspiring model. Sustainability is more than a trend; it is the foundation of Africa’s socio-economic growth and the health of our global environment.

Morocco’s leadership in renewable energy demonstrates that sustainable development is a tangible reality. Going forward, it is critical that the international community support Morocco’s transition to sustainability and lead Africa to prosperity based on clean energy and resilience.

Source: Morocco World News