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Morocco’s Rhany Kabbadj Performs at Jemaa El Fna for the National Festival of Popular Arts

Moroccan artist Rhany Kabbadj performed at the Jemaa el Fna square in the red city of Marrakech on June 24 as the star participant of the National Festival of Popular Arts (NFPA).

Having abandoned the tradition for a long time, the Grand Atlas Association decided to resume having renowned star artists performing for the festival for the 52nd edition.

Mohamed Knidiri, President of the Grand Atlas Association, stressed the importance of having stars performing for the festival.

“Folklore arts are important to exhibit, but it’s also important to have a mix of modern and traditional music,” he said during a press conference he held with this year’s star, wondering how the two types of art can benefit each other.

Rhany Kabbadj, known under his stage name “Rhany,” sang some of his well-known songs such as “Jabni Mjiba” and “Bladi Lghalia” alongside his band, with hundreds of spectators gathered at the popular Jemaa el Fna square.

During the press conference, Rhany talked about his connection with the NFPA, as he “was five years old when he first came to the festival.”

Born and raised in Marrakech, the artist shared his happiness to be back on stage in his city, especially in the Jemaa el Fna square, “an emblematic and historic esplanade.”

Rhany’s performance for the festival also included the release of an exclusive single called “Teslam Li Ya Lghali,” in which he seeks to go back to his origins, which he describes as “the most important thing”.

“We did not do something out of the ordinary,” Rhany said about his new song. “We took inspiration from folklore; folklore is the origin.”

During his performance, Rhany and his band were joined on stage by the popular group “Rokba of Zagora” and the two groups mingled their tunes together, offering the public a melodic show.

Source: Moroccoworldnews